Telemarketing for Trade Publication Subscriptions and Seminar/Conference Invitations

Contrary to popular wisdom, the most valuable, not to mention most profitable, tool for B-to-B Direct Marketers is the telephone.

Forget direct mail. Forget e-mail. Are you really still cold-faxing in 2024?

While over a century old, phone is still the most versatile, flexible and consistently reliable medium when it comes to delivering results in the B-to-B toolbox.

Even amoung the latest technology, the telephone is the only tool that offers a personal touch -- a human voice is the closest thing to a face-to-face interaction you can have with your customers.

At the center of every business is the customer. Servicing and retaining that customer is of the utmost importance if a business is to become or remain successful.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is closely tied to brand experience with each customer interaction.

Providing excellence with every customer interaction is essential to retention, opportunities for increased revenue growth, and a catalyst that often separates brand market winners from market losers.

Are you really just going to send your valuable subscribers a postcard?

Return rates for direct mail top out at around 5%. Email may garner 10 percent if you have a clean database of email addresses. The telephone can return results between 60 and 70 percent.

Aside of the additional advantages the telephone can offer, whether it be data gathering, customer nurturing, customer winback, database hygiene, cross promotion, or anything else, telemarketing is the clear result producer for B-2-B media companies.

By Chris Rutsch