Building Audiences for Controlled Circulation

Controlled Circulation is targeted marketing.

And targeted marketing makes your advertisers happy, makes your readers happy, and leaves you wondering why you didn't do this earlier.

At Mark Facey & Company, we turn numbers into people -- and turn information about people into profit for you.

We supply the data you need so you can publish special targeted editions your advertisers will die to be in.

What's more, we'll show you how to change your internet presence and physical events from money holes to productive audience incentive packages.

But let's make one thing clear.

We're not telemarketers. We don't sell anything.

We're professional interviewers and what we do is interview professionals. We gather information to build audiences. We've been doing it for the controlled publishing business for over 26 years.

At Mark Facey and Company we do one thing. Audience development for the trade publishing industry.

That’s it. And we do it very well.

In fact, we can gather the most accurate demographic information you ever faced an audit with.

We know trade publishing in and out. We hire phone-smart people and train them as specialists in a single industry or title group.

We’re cost effective.

Easy to work with.


And we’ve got the track record to prove it.

No doubt, you'd like some proof that we can do what we say we can do -- help you find your place in the world of controlled circulation.

Why not give us a thousand names and turn us loose?

We'll get the accurate, timely, and trustworthy audience information your advertisers will salivate over.

To start the ball rolling, give us a call at 1-800-237-0938.

Let us help you discover a whole new -- and very profitable -- future in controlled circulation.